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Research collaboration made simple
Streamline your research writing process

Securely share data, expertise and insights across research teams with NVivo’s Collaboration Cloud. With NVivo 14 and Collaboration Cloud, multiple team members can connect to the same project to update, code, and analyze research in real-time, easily connecting and syncing projects across Mac and Windows to eliminate the file conversion process.

Streamlined collaboration

Bring together the right people to deliver the best research outcomes in one central project.

  • Easy collaboration through a familiar download / upload process
  • All NVivo project files stored within the one project
  • Team members access everything in one place without the risk of data going missing
  • Simple user management, permissions are easily managed based on the role of each team member

Secure, compliant centralized storage

  • NVivo projects stored on NVivo Collaboration Cloud are secured by Microsoft Azure servers in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Europe
  • Storage infrastructure is fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)
  • NVivo Collaboration Server works on an on-premise server in your own data center, offering you centralized storage with additional layers of security and efficiency.

Work Online or Offline

  • Host and merge NVivo projects in real-time online and / or work offline or back up data:
  • Download the project to your computer or laptop to conduct analysis, compile notes and offer additional insights
  • Once your work for the day is done, save and upload to the workspace so your contributions can be added to the master project.

Simple Licensing

  • One NVivo Collaboration Cloud module accommodates collaboration for up to five team members
  • For Larger teams, additional modules can be purchased to extend collaboration capabilities
  • For NVivo 14 users, seamless collaboration between Mac and Windows
  • NB: ensure that all team members are using the same version of NVivo